11 things from 2011

As anyone in the blogosphere, I should write a post looking back to 2011 and another one listing the resolutions for 2012. Maybe I should say that “end of the year is always a good moment to stop and analyze” or something like that.

But truth to be told – I spent a fair amount of time already during the year thinking over what I’m doing, where I stand, what I want, how to get it etc. etc.
I even read a book called “What Should I do with my Life“!

All the time spent traveling alone, for business or pleasure, was a wonderful opportunity for reflection and I’m really glad I could do it because, to quote Hanry Browne, what could be more stimulating than thinking about your own life? 

Don’t worry about Harry Browne, now. I don’t even link his name. A post dedicated to one of his opera will follow very soon, to make up with the fact that last week I didn’t publish any blog (and Lindo Boludo didn’t even complain) with the lame excuse that, being the 26th December, I had to overfeed myself with all the leftovers from Christmas, not to offend the poor people starving in countries that have no problem with the spread with the bund, but instead lack of panetun and crema di mascarpone.

Never the less, I took some time reading my personal diaries (I jotted down 2 full notebooks this last year!) bringing back to memory all the moments I lived.
Those are the moments I’m glad I wrote so much this year, because the diaries compensate greatly my funny memory – that for destiny forgets everything but passwords

Here are the 11 mainly good with few bad experiences that have made ’11 the truly special and intense year that has been for me…

  1. Sailing in the Caribbean Sea
  2. Hiking 5 days in the jungle to Ciudad Perdida
  3. Being in the Amazon
  4. The month and a half I lived in Cali, the Capital of Salsa
  5. Learning Spanish (working on the accents once I’ll find them on the US keyboard)
  6. Visiting Ryadh, Saudi Arabia
  7. Visiting Sennelager, where my grandfather was held prisoner during WW2
  8. Breaking an already damaged knee ligament (mine)
  9. Finishing a very important sentimental relation
  10. Loosing 3 KG in 3 months
  11. Learning how to cook peperonata (don’t miss this blog about it)
For some of the thing in this list, you’ll find a related post just clicking on them (mamma, questo l’ho scritto per te!)
For some others, I’ll really like to write about in the future – like the visits to incredible Riyadh.
Any good memory from YOUR 2011?
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Di Daniele

Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded WP-OK.it and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.

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  1. Fortunately the list of good memories is long also for 2011, one of them is surely a nice weekend spent with the great company of some friends at the Salsavive Birthday in Bologna :)))

  2. The days I spent at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. A wonderful experience in one of the best business schools around the World. A walk on another planet – India – who holds the future of our world. A meeting with students with very different backgrounds from me: social, cultural, technical, religious.
    This experience has widened my mind.