Sailing from Panama to Cartagena

The Pan-American highway runs for 47,958 km (29,800 mi) from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. But… is not complete. A 87 km gap exists between Panama and Colombia. 87 km of rainforest, swamps, guerrillas, called the Darien Gap that was crossed for the first time only in the 1960! So, there´s no road between Panama and… Continua a leggere Sailing from Panama to Cartagena

Couchsurfing in Colombia

Couchsurfing in Colombia is huge! If you still don’t know, go check it right now. It’s a community of people for hospitality exchange: hosts and guests meet each other on the website, check their respective profiles, and if they like it, bingo, one has the accomodation for free with a local person, the other has… Continua a leggere Couchsurfing in Colombia