-1 day: minimal packing list completed

OK it took more than I thought but I finished packing.

The reason it took long is that I like to travel light. I got used to it while traveling for work and I wanted to have the same approach for this 3 months.
The bad news is that 3 months are not 5 days.
Good news is that you need to bring pretty much the same amount of stuff as you can’t just multiply everything by 12.
Very good news is that I’m not going to spend 3 months on a desert. Cities there are full of shops and I’ll find anything I need along the way.
Where mosquito are, so the repellent for example 🙂

I already wrote about creating a packing list to travel light, the difference here is that Salsa dancing will be included in the trip.
I had then to include, together with hiking and travelling gear, something more appropriate like shoes good enough for dancing.

Here it is my packing list…

Here it is my packing list:


Day-pack for daily trips, when the backpack stays in the hostel (courtesy of Juniper) 😀







3 pair of underwear 100% polyester: “each of them is a nice cup of oil”, the experienced shop attendants told me 😀

They dry MUCH faster than cotton ones so I can wash them continuously – plus they should feel better on the skin when humidity is high.





5 pair of socks, same material as before. Easy to wash and dry, and specifically made for trekking.

Only the colors are really… terrificant 😀

But I could not find any better. And I don’t know why I bring 3 underwear and 5 socks, so please don’t ask!




Another cup of oil has been used to produce this short-sleeve shirt.

Made for trekking, it dries quick, has sun protection, mosquito repellent, doesn’t need ironing, and I probably forget something.

Basically ALL our clothes should be done this way!




Shoes… after thinking a lot I ended up packing:

– sandals for walking around and trekking

– flip flops for beach, hostel showers, little walks around

– running shoes, I run a marathon with them so they should be already “break in” enough 🙂

– casual shoes, good for dancing and more formal occasions


2 pair of trekking zip-off pants





IMG_0012_1.JPGMy favorite old jeans (an evergreen) and a fashionable shirt for dancing.






2 t-shirts… I’ll find plenty of t-shirts along the way, so no reason to bring any more






Long sleeve light jacket, from the bike world, windproof and quick-dry.

I’ll buy a long sleeve sweater when needed… not Panama for sure (currently 26-32C)




IMG_0004.JPG2 long sleeve t-shirts.

On the left is a technical ski gear I bought the other year in Jochberg.

On the right, my favorite one bought in Tel Aviv.



IMG_0007.JPGTravel Jacket from Scottevest, with removable sleeves.

This jacket is the Revolution model and very special… has 26 pockets and is made specifically to carry a lot of things.

I’ve use it in many business trip, keeping stuff well organized and saving me luggage check-in… in fact, nobody will check the weight of your jacket at the airport, and the KGs offloaded from the luggage can really make the difference between hand luggage or not.



IMG_0001.JPGSomething for the beach!!

On the left, if I want to look Californian.

On the right, if I want to look Italian.




My marathon running t-shirt!

I think I’ll use it while hiking…





Sunglasses and spare glasses (my old ones)






Travel sheets, for dirty hostels or in situations when there are no sheets (and maybe no bed?)






Travel towel. Another piece of chemical art… very thin but able to absorb a lot. I’m sure you’ve seen it before.






Molocular. I hope to use it to spot pirates in the Caribbean sea 😀






Cowboy hat, bought in Yosemite Park, California, US, 3 years ago.

Better than a cap because it covers a bigger surface.





Little light with dynamo… it makes a lot of light and no batteries are required.

I’ll use it for sure where electricity is a bliss.






Essential sawing kit to repair… I don’t know what, yet.

Probably I’ll never use it, but experts recommend to have one, and mom too.





Something to read.

God bless my brother and the e-book reader he gave me. I put some good titles there, plus I’ll bring the Lonely Planet guides (but I’ll get rid of the Central America one after Panama’) and the Vagabonding book from Rolf Potts.

I read it already twice but it’s too inspirational and I may need it in some dark days on the road….




Lock, to keep things safe in hostels and lock the backpack zip sometimes






Passport format pictures, for entrance Visas and other unclear situations.







I avoid you the list, usual stuff. Oh, the only thing worth noticing is that I won’t bring any shaving razor and cream.

Why? I think is good fun to get shaved in locals barbershops, I’ve done that already in Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh so I’m not worried about barbers in Latin America…




Anti-malaria tablet, Yuppie!!!!







Hidden pocket for documents and money, the money belt is the more popular option so my choice was the hidden pocket to strap on the calf.

Mask to sleep and ear-plugs for the noisy environment… like hostel dorms?





Electronic dept:

USB charger, USB HDD, Camera, pouch and extra memory cards, little tripod, camera battery loader with extra battery pack, token access internet banking, iPod touch and old mobile phone.

OK, I said here that I want to unplug, but the iPod is an MP3 player after all, right? I NEED to have music and the wi-fi will save me time in the internet cafe’.



Little photo album with pictures of friends and family (thanks Vero for arranging that!!!). It will help in the sad days, plus it will be great to scary people I’ll meet on the road 😉






Travel diary with pen… I’ll use it a lot!!






Cards, to kill the time waiting buses, boats, ransoms…

(Definition of RANSOM

: a consideration paid or demanded for the release of someone or something from captivity)




Fake wallet with some cards and a bounce of bucks.
This is a great tip by my friend Eric to be used if the situation turns bad.
If the situation doesn’t turn better, I’ll give the real wallet doh! 🙂






Well, ladies and gentlemen, all this fantastic package for a 3-months Salsa WalkAbout totals:

  • 9.5 Kg of backpack
  • 2.5 Kg of travel jacket


Seriously, I don’t see any point in bringing more. As said at the beginning, I can find & buy anything I may need along the way. Especially because I don’t have special equipment to carry (camping, professional photo, notebook, diving, kite surfing?!?)

Hopefully this is all I’ll NEED 🙂

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