6 Days in Muscat, Oman

If the DCBKK conference in Bangkok was a great excuse for going back to South-East Asia, the stop-over in Muscat on the way to Thailand was a great opportunity to visit my friends Raf & Richie and their recent offspring: Jonah the giraffe-eater. Oman signified going back to an Arabic country, in a peninsula that I had chance to visit… Continua a leggere 6 Days in Muscat, Oman

Where I’m going next – autumn 2015

After coming back from Argentina (and Uruguay) in April, everyone asked me the same question: “where are you going next?”. I had no answer to that question till now. I wanted to spend the summertime in Amsterdam, the best season to be around Dutch people in their own land, and so I did – with the exception of… Continua a leggere Where I’m going next – autumn 2015