My birthday in Pekalongan: batik and indigo a go-go

As a child, I was always wimpy the day of my birthday because I had no friends to celebrate with. Being born mid-August in Italy means that either you or your friends are on holiday in that period. Growing up things changed and eventually I had some interesting birthday party, like my 31st birthday ‘hey… Continua a leggere My birthday in Pekalongan: batik and indigo a go-go

Irish Days

Below the notes from my recent visit to Ireland. I thought that if I had to be in a cold and dark place like Amsterdam, then I could as well be in Dublin… a city that has been high on the list of places I wanted to visit for few years. The idea behind this trip… Continua a leggere Irish Days

6 Days in Muscat, Oman

If the DCBKK conference in Bangkok was a great excuse for going back to South-East Asia, the stop-over in Muscat on the way to Thailand was a great opportunity to visit my friends Raf & Richie and their recent offspring: Jonah the giraffe-eater. Oman signified going back to an Arabic country, in a peninsula that I had chance to visit… Continua a leggere 6 Days in Muscat, Oman

One month in Buenos Aires

This year I escaped the Dutch winter, taking advantage of my digital nomad status, moving to Buenos Aires, – a city I was curious about for a long time. I spent a total of two months in Argentina, the first in the capital and the second traveling around as it would have been a pity non to use the opportunity to see… Continua a leggere One month in Buenos Aires