JNCIS-FWV exam passed!

Yeah! Just yesterday I succesfully passed the JNCIS-FWV certification exam, what a relief! 🙂 Now I’m a Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist for Firewall and Vpn products.

RHCE exam passed!

WHO-HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Just passed yesterday the RHCE exam and now I’m RedHat Certified Engineer!!! My end results: SECTION I: TROUBLESHOOTING AND SYSTEM MAINTENANCE Compulsory Section I score: 50.0 Non-compulsory Section I score: 50.0 Overall Section I score: 100 SECTION II: INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION RHCT components score: 100.0 RHCE components score: 89.3 RHCE Certification: PASS Congratulations –… Continua a leggere RHCE exam passed!


Eccomi appena tornato da 9 giorni in California, US! Ho avuto la grande fortuna di essere andato la’ per lavoro, in visita alla sede principale dell’azienda per cui lavoro, a Sunnyvale, California, nel cuore della silicon valley. L’impatto con l’America e’ una bella esperienza, e’ un’esposizione ad una cultura veramente differente dall’europea. Per rendere l’esperienza… Continua a leggere L’AMERICAAAA

From KDE to Gnome

Starting from yesterday, I switched my Linux Graphical Interface from KDE to Gnome. I used KDE for about 1 year, and I like it, but I want try the difference to make my opinion about what seems to me a big debate: KDE or Gnome? I report my experience as user of a laptop running… Continua a leggere From KDE to Gnome

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Installing SmartConsole on Wine How-To

Installing SmartConsole on Wine How-To written by Daniele Besana (10 april 2005) for ITVC.net v1.0 We waited for a long time the Checkpoint release of SmartConsole for Linux. Unfortunatly Checkpoint never released it, but with the last WINE release (https://www.winehq.org/) we can do it ourself! WINE is a free implementation of the Windows API for… Continua a leggere Installing SmartConsole on Wine How-To

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