I resigned! 9 working days left

The first day of Spring 2012, that was Tuesday 20th of March because 2012 is a leap year, I resigned from work. It’s not just resigning from a company. I’m resigning from the rat race, the corporate lifestyle, the investors logic, the work for someone else interests, the trap of the high salary, the safety… Continua a leggere I resigned! 9 working days left

RHCE exam passed!

WHO-HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Just passed yesterday the RHCE exam and now I’m RedHat Certified Engineer!!! My end results: SECTION I: TROUBLESHOOTING AND SYSTEM MAINTENANCE Compulsory Section I score: 50.0 Non-compulsory Section I score: 50.0 Overall Section I score: 100 SECTION II: INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION RHCT components score: 100.0 RHCE components score: 89.3 RHCE Certification: PASS Congratulations –… Continua a leggere RHCE exam passed!