[Learnt what?] WordPress Development & CSS3

My first networking event in Amstedam, OpenCoffee, left me disappointed because there were a lot of freelancers hunting for customers. In between plenty of self-declared Social Media Experts, few “I make websites with WordPress” caught my attention. For the web-analphabets, WordPress is a free software that runs ~20% of all the Internet websites around. It… Continua a leggere [Learnt what?] WordPress Development & CSS3

Another taxi ride, to Swat Valley

Greetings from Nantes – beautiful city in Brittany, crossed by the Loira river, French country. I missed a lot travelling, being grounded in Amsterdam for more than 3 weeks recovering from the knee “let me check” surgery I had. Full of joy and excitement, I stepped into another taxi to reach the beloved Schiphol airport,… Continua a leggere Another taxi ride, to Swat Valley

How about Tel Aviv, Israel

I think everyone has some places that trigger curiosity, excitement, interest. Places we want to visit, we fantasize about, without really a reason behind it. One of this places for me was Lisbon, Portugal. After my brother introduced me to the movie Lisbon Story, by Wim Wenders, I got fascinated by the simplicity of the city… Continua a leggere How about Tel Aviv, Israel