Learnt What?

Learnt What?

Learnt What?If I have to summarize in a sentence my experience since I started my entrepreneurial life, it’s gonna be:

“I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff…”

So I decided to list here the skills that I’ve learnt so far, that are helping and will help making my dreams come true, and to dedicate a series of future blog posts sharing the key lessons (and some resources). All in perfect Daniele Besana’s style, with no pretentious of being a master.

I’m doing this with 2 well-defined and transparent objectives:

  1. I hope this way to help other people that dream about a creative job and complete freedom to move their first steps in the fantastic Universe of solopreneurship and online businesses.
  2. I hope to share & engage with more like minded people. So I’ll use this series of posts to reach out and connect with others that are walking the same path.


So here is a list of 7 topics I’ll write about in the next weeks – or years.

I learnt about:

  1. Make Money Online (MMO) industry
  2. E-mail Marketing
  3. Business Principles
  4. Business Ideas Evaluation
  5. Online Recruiting Industry
  6. WordPress Development & CSS3
  7. Buying websites


Stay tuna 🙂

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