Guest Post: 5 Everyday Ways To Make Life Easier

This is a guest post from Derek Ross. Derek writes about self-help, inner peace and his background in counseling. He most recently has written about the Top Schools for Online Counseling and Human Services Degrees.


Many people find life hard. Some find its meaning difficult to grasp, while others are challenged by illness or financial bounds. Children find their lack of choice and freedom difficult, while parents tend to be physically and mentally drained from their strenuous and busy lifestyle. Despite the different viewpoints about life you’ll find across society, there are many ways to make it easier and simpler – everyday. Below are the secrets to enjoying each and every day on this earth.


Realistic Goals

Life often becomes complicated when an individual sets goals that are simply too impossible to achieve in a single day. Even if you are the best at what you do, high expectations tend to result in disappointment and low self-esteem. However, this does not necessarily mean you should stop aiming high. You should try to set goals that are achievable and sensible though. You should be able to achieve smaller goals everyday and contribute to bigger goals too.


Avoid Stress

Stress breaks a person’s willpower and mood. It’s impossible to completely avoid stress, but there are many ways to deal with stress. The key is finding the route that works for you. Sometimes, you might need to be alone. Others, you might need to talk it out. Some people simply need to take a walk and breathe, while others choose to focus their energy through yoga or exercise. When stress starts to bring you down, actively look for ways manage it. Try things out, ask loved ones what works for them, even do a Google search. It might also come down to simply removing activities that are overfilling your plate – if you are stretching yourself too thin, don’t be afraid to judiciously cut things out.


Choose Your Friends

The people around you strongly affect your life, especially your special someone, best friend, relatives, and family members. If they are all negative nancies, you’ll likely end up getting stressed or depressed. Avoid “friends” who only need you for your resources, which to society are also known as “users”. If your circle of peers have bad habits like drinking every night or smoking frequently, try to convince them to stop. If this doesn’t work, consider finding yourself another group.


Talk with Someone

Bottling up your emotions complicates life. It’s normal to feel – a lot. All of us do, but venting it by talking to a trusted friend or family member relieves you of the pressure of keeping it all in. If a friend or family member is not present, consider talking with an adviser or psychologist. You’d be surprised how much a single outlet can make you feel better.


Simple Solutions

For almost every daily task, there is a way to do it faster and easier. You just have to find the techniques and step-by-step guide to do so. And today, the Internet has made it effortless to find help for anything and everything under the sun. If you have a broken cabinet, there are heaps of how-to guides online that will help you get the job done quickly. If you’re a student who has to study every night, you can likely streamline the process. Make a habit of reading magazines and newspaper articles for tips and tricks.

Never forget that 90% of the time, any problem you’re dealing with could be worse. Everyone has to face challenges eventually, but it’s up to you to rise to the occasion. Whether or not it’s apparent, it’s a great time to be alive!


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