Around Argentina

After one month in Buenos Aires and 10 days in Uruguay, I took a 10 hours bus from Montevideo returning into Argentinian territory, where I visited the area of Cordoba and the mighty Iguazú waterfalls. This is just a small part of the whole Argentina. The country is big (ranks number 8 for size) and moving… Continua a leggere Around Argentina

One month in Buenos Aires

This year I escaped the Dutch winter, taking advantage of my digital nomad status, moving to Buenos Aires, – a city I was curious about for a long time. I spent a total of two months in Argentina, the first in the capital and the second traveling around as it would have been a pity non to use the opportunity to see… Continua a leggere One month in Buenos Aires

Presenting at ‘Digital Nomads in Buenos Aires’

We all know that strange things happen while traveling, but I really didn’t expect that during my month in Buenos Aires I would gave a public speech in an event about digital nomadism. Digital nomad is the cool name for people that have a location independent job that they can perform online. It’s a recent and growing… Continua a leggere Presenting at ‘Digital Nomads in Buenos Aires’