RHCE exam passed!

Just passed yesterday the RHCE exam and now I’m RedHat Certified Engineer!!!

My end results:

Compulsory Section I score:                        50.0
Non-compulsory Section I score:                    50.0
Overall Section I score:                           100

RHCT components score:                             100.0
RHCE components score:                             89.3

RHCE Certification:                                PASS

Congratulations -- you are now certified as a Red Hat Certified Engineer!  Your RHCE Certificate number is 805008660832359.

As the failure rate on the first attempt is around 50%, I’m very proud to say that I passed at the first try! B-)

This are few recommendation for people that are willing to get this important certification:

  • when you plan your study, complete the online pre-assessment questionnaires. They’re very well done and will give suggestion on what training/level is good for you
  • join the right RedHat training for your level: they’re simply great. But go to the training already prepared: study BEFORE join the class, so that you can use the training to go deeper and build conficence rather than learn things from 0. At least the RH300 (the one I followed) is VERY intense!
  • always check the RHCE Prep Guide, and focus only on the topic listed there. If something is not written there WON’T be in the exam
  • be sure to be confident with ALL the topics, don’t sit for the exam hoping that something won’t be tested
  • time is very important so be ready to work fast
  • experience is even more important, so use and play with RedHat as much as you can

Good luck if you plan to go for the RHCE, I’m going to celebrate now 😉

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14 commenti

  1. Congrats!

    At this time I am pretty much oriented to the LPI series of certifications (www.lpi.org): altough the easiest ones are at a certainly quite basic level, the market of european business and study institutions seems to be more attracted by them. What you think?

  2. Ciao Luigi 🙂
    when I checked the certs available, about 1 year ago, I was very interested in the LPI one too as I like the vendor independent approach.

    But I found 2 main drawbacks:
    1. NPI isn’t popular as RedHat: still most of the people, even inside the IT field, don’t know what LPI is and this limit the value of it
    2. NPI is still a computer based exam (no lab) that is a big concern for me. I really enjoyed the RedHat lab exam because leave you the freedom to reach the goals with the tools and in the way you like the most

    So unless things are really changed… RedHat would still be my choice 🙂

    Ciao and let me know!

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  4. Hi

    I wanted to ask you, what was your level of experinece before taking the training and doing the exam, and how much time did you spend studying for the exam?


  5. Thanks for your prompt response…Can I ask couple of questions as well…

    How many years of work experience did you have exactly?
    Did it help you get a job or improve in the job you already have.

    Thanks Again

  6. Hi Ihab,
    on Linux I had 5 years of experience, but not as sysadmin, more as a power user.
    It helped me to improve my job, as I was supporting software running on Linux 🙂

    I would recommend the RHCE because the exam is very serious and good.