JNCIS-FWV exam passed!


Just yesterday I succesfully passed the JNCIS-FWV certification exam, what a relief! 🙂

Now I’m a Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist for Firewall and Vpn products.

To who’s willing to pass this exam, I can suggest to stroongly study the 4 training course books:

  • INSG
  • NMTP
  • NAVI
  • INHN

And complete all the LABs… it’s very important.

But don’t sit for the exam before having taken the TestKing preparation exam:

JNCIS-FWV Exam preparation

I highly recommend it as it will give you much more confidence and it will possibly save you the money required to retake an exam just because of some stupid mistake.

Anyway, the exam is NOT easy.

There are many questions about Virtual Systems, definitely the hardest topic covered: practice helps a lot, especially with Admin permissions.
Some questions are related to debugging and troubleshooting, so be sure that you can read a DEBUG or a SNOOP output and understand what happens…

And be fast, I run out of time during the review of the marked questions, probably ‘cause I’m not English mother tongue and I had to fully understand the tricky questions.


Good luck and let me know in the comments below how did it go!


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  1. I suppose you’ve also downloaded a lot of documentation from unofficial sources…
    like you did for nokia,checkpoint,alteon, crossbeam o whatever f*** exam you’ve passed.

  2. Hi
    My name is Debraj from India. I’m willing to sit for the exam JNCIS FWV. But I cannot find any book in market. Is there any Good pdf I can study for this.

  3. HI all,

    congrats BESA,
    too late tho, 🙂
    I’m about to take the exam tomorrow, and Jason Ha’s study guide did save my lots of time on studying, especially for the debug/snoop part.
    I think updated JN0-531 exam is more challenging, that’ll be too hard for me.
    JN0-530 is valid until July 1 this year, for those who not aware.
    I downloaded some examsheet off p2p network(like actual test), and I found out JN0-530 questions are getting old, comparing versions from 2005 to 2007, many questions are identical, so I guess it’s a bit easier than CCNP exams, tomorrow this assumption shall be tested. Anyway, fail or pass I’ll comeback to post again.
    And BESA, can I have your MSN?

  4. I passed, many questions were related to VSYS like BESA pointed out, I can’t get a license for VSYS to practise so there must be some confusion about VSYS management. I would recommend Jason Ha jncis-fwv study guide and INSG course ppt(found on google) in preparing for this exam, also Juniper Knowledge Base is helpful, but it requires user account with privilege.

  5. Hi daifous,
    its good that you passed JN0-530,
    do you have study guide for JN0-520? Esp. the INSG 5.1 Book?
    I need this book big tym, i plan to sit exam in 10 days time.
    do you think the book would help much, or i shoud only concentrate on Q&A materials?

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