Experiment #1: Less is More

I decided to start doing experiments.
Each month I’ll do an experiment and share here the results.
Each experiment will have some source of inspiration and some lesson learned from it.

– it’s great to experience something new every month
– sharing publicly the results is a way to keep me motivated
– I want to inspire people to be curious and start experimenting as well… and share back

The first experiment actually happened already last September.

When I bought my house, I went trough the classic “pack/move/unpack/find a place” for all my material properties.
I realized that, in 4 years in Netherlands, I accumulate already an amount of things totally useless or that I never use…. so here we go: the first experiment is about minimalism.

Inspired by Leo Babauta (https://zenhabits.net/ and author of “The Power of Less”) I decided to free my house and myself from things that are only taking space in my house and in my mind without doing me any good.

So, after I moved in the new apartment I decided that for 30 days I would throw away something every day.
Some days could be just a piece of paper, some days an old obsolete electronic *something*, some days a t-shirt I never used because too ugly.
But everyday I had to find something to get rid of.

Well, I loved the results so much that sometime I really feel like throwing away something and I look around the house checking what’s next to go in the bin 🙂

I realized that the less things I have, the more free I feel
I realized that the less things I have, the easier is to maintain order (someone may disagree that my house is in order…)
I realized that the less things I have, the more I enjoy and I value the things that I DO have
I realized that the less things I have, the more I think about buy/bring new things in my house and into my life

Don’t take me wrong… this doesn’t mean I’m living like a monk, without buying things or depriving myself of the pleasure of owning something just because I like it or it means something to me.
I haven’t throw away anything with a sentimental value and I kept on buying what I thing I need, or I like, or I fancy…. but still, this experiment make me think twice now before taking anything into my life and into my house.

So the lesson I learn is cristal clear to me: Less is More 🙂

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Di Daniele

Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded WP-OK.it and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.

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  2. Less is more….
    I totally agree, even if in my daily life I’m not really thaaat minimalist. But I am, just not obsessive
    And for who wants to feel the bearable lightness of being suggest read this