Where I’m going next – autumn 2015

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After coming back from Argentina (and Uruguay) in April, everyone asked me the same question: “where are you going next?”.

I had no answer to that question till now. I wanted to spend the summertime in Amsterdam, the best season to be around Dutch people in their own land, and so I did – with the exception of three weeks in Italy (in July) and a weekend in Dusseldorf (in August).

I spent few solid months at home focusing on work and reconnecting with my friends here.

It was good to be able to focus on my business, spending time with my good friends, and also spending time with the less good ones.

But on a personal level I had a very tough time, because of some emotional issues. I felt the need for some extra help, and for the first time I had psychological therapy (hypnotherapy, that is definitely not like you see in the movies).

It did very good to me and I really recommend hypnotherapy with Anna Calogero to anyone having some unresolved issues (but also who doesn’t) to try a therapy and see it as an exercise of personal development.

The unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates)

This is Anna’s slogan, and isn’t that also one of the reasons we travel?

After sharing the dark side of Besa, I also share my travel plans.


Where, What and Why

I’m super excited because my next trip will be pretty intense and filled with interesting things.

Step 1: Italy

I’ll be in Albiate, Italy for a couple of weeks. The main reason is that September 19th my good friend Biom will get married and I’ve the honor of being the witness!  In Italy we don’t use the best man, but rather a set of so called ‘witnesses’ that are signing as such the wedding documents. They also put bigger gifts than the average invitee, and get in return the biggest bonbonniere at the end of the celebration 🙂


Step 2: Oman

From Italy I’ll fly directly to Muscat, the capital of the only country starting with letter O, but only if we consider the country names in English (so no Olanda and Österreich).

I’ll meet there my friends Lella and Richard, a couple living in the sultanate as expat since few years.

It turns out spectacularly well because OmanAir operates well-priced flights from Milano to Bangkok with stopover in Muscat, Oman… so just stretching the stopover for a week gets me to visit this interesting place.

I’ve been to other countries in that region: UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. I’m excited to be back in an Arab country and experience yet again the powerful cultural differences!


Step 3: Thailand

The pleasure of travelling will meet business in Bangkok, where I’ll attend the DCBKK conference.

DCBKK is a yearly event where hundreds of web entrepreneurs and digital nomads gather together for an intense week(end) of talks, workshops, talks, and more talks.

I got warned by previous attendees that meeting cool people is the best part of the event, so I was easily sold to the idea of joining the conference.

I’ll be around BKK for a couple of weeks, enough time before & after the conference to make the most out of it, as many digital nomads will stick around before moving to other destinations in SE Asia (typically escaping the winter in Europe or North America).

Bangkok is a crazy intense place and it starts having a familiar feeling. Furthermore, it’s the perfect starting point to explore more in that region…


Step 4: Indonesia

Yes! From Thailand I’ll fly south for a month in Indonesia.

Plans are not written in stone, but roughly I’ll spend two weeks traveling around – joined by my young padawan Messi – and two weeks chilling in Sanur, Bali.

It will be an amazing growth opportunity for him and great fun for both, after last year successful Myanmar and Cambodia expedition 😉


Can’t wait to get on the road!

Do you have any suggestion about Oman and Indonesia?

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Di Daniele

Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded WP-OK.it and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.

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    1. Hi Max,
      To be honest Australia is not high on my list.
      I think it’s a great place to explore driving around by car or by camper… not exactly what I want to do being a solo-traveler most of the times.
      I was actually seriously considering Japan… but then the whole DCBKK idea came along, and the stopover to Oman, so Japan will wait 🙂

  1. I kept meaning to drop you an email and ask this question but now I know. Have a great time on your travels and drink a Chang or Bintang for me. I look forward to reading your posts.

    Did you buy a one way ticket or plan to return to Amsterdam for the heart of the winter? It is strange I ask a question about travel plans when I usually have no idea where I will be next month.

    1. Hi Keith,
      Great, so this post achieved its goal! 🙂

      I bought return flights.
      So end of November I’ll fly back to Milano and then to Amsterdam just in time for another wedding – the one of our ex colleague Raf.

      Where are you today? 🙂

  2. Hey Daniele, very cool to see that you’re visiting DCBKK. I actually became a member after you dropped the name when we spoke, and while I am in Thailand at that time I won’t be at the conference. Hope you will have fun, let me know if you pay Chiang Mai a visit will you?

    Will you be at WCNL next week?

  3. Glad to hear El Gran Maestro Salsero y Conguero is back and full of energy and enthusiasm. Have a nice trip my dear friend, and don’t forget your raincoat in Indo (it gets quite wet at this time of the year over there). Greetings from Uzbekistan!