Experiment #3 results: morning shower revolution

Back in January 2011, I started the experiment #3: morning shower revolution that was an attempt to review one of the daily rituals, the morning shower, in a more interesting way.
Below the results of this experiment, almost 3 months after it started…

This experiment was the best success so far – I’m totally hooked now to this “navy + cold” shower ritual….
It gives me a different kick in starting the day.
Since I started, may sound silly but I really look forward to shower when I wake up.
I use much less water, I use less warm water and I also use water less warm 🙂
(you may need to read it twice to get it)

After some weeks I can see that I don’t need hot water anymore. I can pretty much start with warm water (~28C) and immediately start lowering the temperature.
The last ~30 seconds are with totally cold water… and the best part is that this is not anymore a “oh-shit” moment… it’s just a fresh energy kick, and when I’m out of the shower I feel OK even if the house is still cold.

My only concern is that with summer arriving soon, I may not have water cold enough!


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