This is post #5 of the 3x3 writing challenge.
Subject: I will never do it again
Rule: Write it in 33 minutes

Dear Cloudio,

being the one that choose the subject for this post #5 of our 3×3 challenge, it’s easy to think that I picked up something I longed wanted to talk about, or something I just have a lot to say, or something I can easily write about.

But how could I have done that, if the spirit of our challenge is to challenge our self?
Didn’t you mention couple of time the famous “comfort zone”?
I surrounded myself with people that dislike their comfort zone, apparently.

So I did, and I choose this amazing title: “I will never do it again”.
I thought about it for a while, as I wanted at first to name it “3 things I will never do again”, but I knew that I would have struggle just to find a single one, plus you don’t like lists don’t you.

I’m not saying that everything I did in my life was good and went well – it wasn’t and I hope it will never be.

But everything has been made somehow positive, so let me think for 3 of the 33 minutes you gave me to write this post.

[3 minutes later…]

Can’t think of anything interesting that I won’t do it again.
I thought that I will never be someone I’m not just to be liked, I will never work in an office anymore, I will never stay 6 years in the same company anymore, I will never hurt someone I love anymore, boooooring!

What was a bad idea I had and that caused me trouble?

Surely, racing the motorbike on the coast of Como lake it’s something I *should* not do again!
It costed me 360 EUR, 3 months without driving license and 10 of the 20 points available to let you ever drive again.

But it’s no time to tell this story now, because I’m reaching the 33 minutes and 333 words.

I think I’ll never try to convince you, Cloudio, that my article is better than yours.

This post sucks.

I will never do it again!

Rule for post #6: Write 3 versions of the same story, keeping the post of 333 words.

Written by Daniele
Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.