This is post #2 of the 3x3 writing challenge.
Subject: MOM
Rule: Create the article using 3 sessions of "free writing" technique of 3 minutes each, no re-editing.

Free writing session #1 (3 minutes)

To me, mom is love. To Google, “mom” is Ministry of Manpower in Singapore.
Google wants the web to be more human, more real, more natural, so why Google doesn’t start being more human too?
Why Mom is an institution of a city-state with little democracy? Someone searching for his “mom” should be taken with more respect, and sensibility than this, Google!

Or you probably serve someone bigger interest, Google, like the Singaporean regime showing us that there’s even a ministry taking in the upper consideration the work-life balance of the national workforce of this uber-developed island?

What do I know about Singapore, anyway? Only what Terzani says…


Free writing session #2 (3 minutes)

My mom doesn’t deserve this. Sorry mom, it’s Cloudio’s fault. I promise I’ll write you something better than this, and also better than the Christmas letter of this year.

My mom understands things in a hearthbeat. She can see through me, and if she meets someone I’m with, after 5 minutes, talking normally a different language, she understands everything. Then she tells me the obvious I couldn’t see, but only when I’m ready to listen.

2 Christmas ago with the family I watched for the first time the recording of my parents wedding. It was a kind of a shock for me because for the first time I saw my parents acting, moving, and getting married… and in the video they were younger than me!


Free writing session #3 (3 minutes)

But wait a second, I don’t have to talk about my mom. The subject is just mom. Can be any mom?
Like the mom of my friend, that talks nothing but money, success, houses and cars?
Or the moms that always threat their sons like kids.
I wouldn’t change my mom with any other mom around.
My mom always supported me, unconditional support on any of my choices, and she knows very well that there will be more strange choices to come.
When I start talking about something out of her normality, like moving to live in Amsterdam, like buying a van, like taking a sabbatical or vagabonding around, first she reacts twisting her nose.
Then she start reading. Studying. Understanding. Till she’s ready to provide her unconditional support.


Subject for post #3: Dreams

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