Baltic Cycling Tour #2: from Kláipéda to Sventoj

This report is part of the Baltic Cycling Tour I did in July 2013 across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The second stage of the Baltic Cycling Tour proved to be very intense and nerve-breaking, due to our competitive nature.

We started from Kláipéda and lost each other after few hundred meters. I was happy but soon he found me and we continue together.

We took the cycling path going through the Pajuño Park, a very nice scenery (another pine forest!) not too crowded.


25 km later we reached Palanga, a very lively and popular beach town, were we stopped for a tasty meal based on cepelinai (potato dumplings full of cheese and meat) and of course gira.

mighty cepelinai
mighty cepelinai

With the digestion in progress, we could only cycle at “tourist speed” as someone said till Sventoj, 15 km norther.

Sventoj was a crowded town, simpler than Palanga and with plenty of kiosks on the main road.

Here the adventure begun, as we had to find a place to stay for the night! And if you zoom in the map above, you’ll see what I mean by adventure.
We were looking for a mythological camping site that we never found, but instead we reached a very nice hotel just outside of town.

Cloudio asked for the price and it was a very honest 75 per night, so we locked our bikes, picked up our bags and got ready to check-in when the owner started shouting at us “75 euros, not Litas! This place is not cheap!!”. Too bad that I was in the toilet when this happened, but Cloudio managed the situation and we left.

We had to go back in town, but thanks to me we took a shortcut on an unpaved road. We love gravel!

The beautiful sunset on the beach took away all the tension and frustration of the day 🙂



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