10 days in Uruguay

After spending one month in Buenos Aires I left Argentina to explore the neighbor country of Uruguay. A tick, penetrating rain accompanied me all the way to BA’s ferry terminal, clogging the streets of the metropolis and trapping the bus in an endless succession of starts and stops. I arrived just 5 minutes before the departure of… Continua a leggere 10 days in Uruguay

One month in Buenos Aires

This year I escaped the Dutch winter, taking advantage of my digital nomad status, moving to Buenos Aires, – a city I was curious about for a long time. I spent a total of two months in Argentina, the first in the capital and the second traveling around as it would have been a pity non to use the opportunity to see… Continua a leggere One month in Buenos Aires

Presenting at ‘Digital Nomads in Buenos Aires’

We all know that strange things happen while traveling, but I really didn’t expect that during my month in Buenos Aires I would gave a public speech in an event about digital nomadism. Digital nomad is the cool name for people that have a location independent job that they can perform online. It’s a recent and growing… Continua a leggere Presenting at ‘Digital Nomads in Buenos Aires’

Donating blood and fainting in Phnom Penh

With the Docs

What are the effects of our travels on the local populations? Is tourism bringing them business and the opportunity to improve their lives, or rather just another form of exploitation that takes dignity away? Let’s cut the chase: it was recommended by Lonely Planet. Page 75 of the Cambodia guide, there’s a callout inviting travelers to… Continua a leggere Donating blood and fainting in Phnom Penh