Two-thousand-twelve-ing, or Twenty-Twelve-ing?

welcome twenty-twelveWhile my friends and I repeated the celebration of the new year last Saturday, countdown included, the masses in New York City are confused about how to call it, this newborn 2012:

I suspect they must be confused since over a decade, when the year 2001 kicked in, but I didn´t even speak English back then, so I would not have understood either way.

I would personally stick to twenty-twelve, because seems cool and after all, 13th years ago we were living year 1999 and I seriously doubt that when you read 1999 you´re reading ¨a thousand nine hundreds nineteen nine¨, no?

And it´s encouraging to find out that someone already had this doubt last year, and promptly asked to the Yahoo! Answers community:

How should 2011 be pronounced? two thousand eleven or twenty eleven?

The best answer, chosen by the confused that posted the question, shows that this debate was still considered a taboo less than 24 months ago, and taking position could have cost social problems in some parts of the World:

¨I pronounced 2010 as twenty ten all last year and people thought I was nuts.¨

Now things have changed and in 5th Avenue as well as The Village people are open to discuss about it and comfortable to express their opinion in front of the camera of a national TV channel.

One of the my favorite quotes from Mahatma Gandhi well explain this situation: ¨First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win¨ – the charismatic Indian leader said, maybe forecasting the massive growth of the IT customer care business in his country.

So twenty-twelve will be.

But aren´t bloggers supposed to talk about new year resolutions, spreading all over the blogosphere their wishes for change?

Am I somehow different, not looking for changing my life, the pursuit of happiness, or at least have some personal growth here and there?

The truth is quite frustrating, actually.
The truth is that I made this blog, and started my personal blog personal challenge to share my life happenings and my thoughts, but I´m not free to talk openly about my personal plans at the moment.

Too many readers may find inspirations that I´m not ready to provide.
Please keep thinking that for upcoming months I´ll be very busy with my knee, physiotherapy and lonely evenings in my apartment 63 steps up from the street.

So, after thinking for days and days I decided to share what I will NOT do in 2012 (twenty-twelve, remember) instead of having a list of plans or resolutions.

In 2012 I will:

  • NOT change my relation status on Facebook (don´t worry, it´s undeclared anyway)
  • NOT get a dog, a cat, a baby, a red fish or any other domestic animal
  • NOT dance Salsa 3 times a week (but this is because of my knee, shaize!!)
  • NOT waste my time with people I don´t like
  • NOT compromise my freedom with anything, especially money
  • NOT take any Dutch class
  • NOT put weight
  • NOT sell my motorbike
  • NOT buy a TV, and most likely a couch
  • NOT cut my hair 
OK, the last 3 are for my mom, and the hair story is actually more complex than that but it´s one of those things that, unfortunately, cannot be shared here.
I go back twenty-twelve-ing now, see you next week and please put a comment here telling me what you will NOT do in 2012….. as usual, I expect zillions of comments so sorry if I don´t reply to all of you!
With love.



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Di Daniele

Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.

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  1. what is really annoying is the americans when they say 19 hundreds instead of 1thousand 9 hundreds

    I will NOT let them say to me withour ME correcting them, like all the time they will express temperatures in fahreneit, weight in pounds, size in feet and all this stupid things they do

  2. The idea of pronouncing 2012 as two-thousand-twelve never crossed my mind, but I admit that, after 3 years in the UK, I use hundreds Ks when I talk about prices, i.e. “1900£” is 19 hundred pounds, while “2000£” is 2K.

    This year my good resolution is to not have any good resolutions and, so far, I’m doing great!

    Good luck with the knee, I know how bad it can be (my previous doctor wanted to replace my left knee, but I think I’m still too young for that!)

  3. And in februari 2012 Daniele fals in love with a Dutch girl. She has a Dog and insist on him to cut his hair and learn Dutch so he can meet her parents living in Almere. She gets pregnant in april, by accident, so he needs to sell the bike for money and buys a Toyota Aygo, and moves to Almere, to be close to her parents who have to babysit the little bambino. 😛

    1. And you forgot to mention that in March she convinces him to update the Facebook relation status to ¨engaged¨.
      And that by May, he´s 82Kg due to the delicious uitsmijter prepared by the mother-in-law. 😀

  4. Espero que esta lista de NO tenga más voluntad que la que pusiste a NO tomar x 1 mes.
    El punto 3 me parece IMPOSIBLE para ti, más cuando vas a festivales de salsa 😛
    yo NO voy a seguir en el mismo trabajo, NO voy a seguir en la misma casa, NO voy a dejar crecer mi cabello :P, NO voy a dejar de enamorarme, NO voy a dejar de reir por todo, NO voy a dejar a mis amigos, NO voy a bailar salsa todos los jueves, NO voy a salir 5 veces a la semana, NO voy a dejar de pensar en mi viejito y NO te voy a creer todo lo que dices 😛

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