8km run after 8 months

This blog witnessed my passion for running already, culminating in 2007 with the completion of my first Marathon.

So, 8K seems a little distance for a runner, but it was a symbolic achievement for me 8 months after my knee ACL reconstruction!

I’m BACK!!!

After 2 months of training in Vondelpark with my friend Andy twice a week, and 10 months of hard working with physiotherapy, the race day arrived.

I would like to say that I woke up at 8am, had a light breakfast, prepared psycho-physically for the race and get on the venue well in advance of the starting time at 10:10am to warm up.

But maybe that would have been too boring so  I overslept, and only a call from Andy at 9:40am saved my day!

The race went very well, passing through the very familiar Vondelpark, then in front of Rijskmuseum surrounded by 4000 other runners sharing the passion and the goal.

0 problems with the knee, 0 problems with muscles, I felt very good and enjoyed the ride waiting the 7K mark to start pushing harder.

The last 1K I increased my pace slightly, and when we entered in the Olympic Stadium for the last few hundreds meters, the energy from the people in the tribunes, some pride and an joyful feeling made me sprint till the end.

End time: 38:45! Cool

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