Salsa music in Panama

OK I┬┤m already late updating the blog, but I┬┤ve been 5 days in the sea sailing from Panama┬┤to Cartagena (Colombia)… I┬┤ll write later about this great experience, but now it┬┤s time for the first post about the Salsa. The Salsa in Panama┬┤city. In Panama┬┤, Salsa music is everywhere. I mean that it┬┤s enough to step… Continua a leggere Salsa music in Panama

Panama Salsa Congress

From a place like Panama City, where Salsa is everywhere, the expectation for the Salsa Congress – that by pure coincident was in the same weekend as I was there! – grew naturally high ­čÖé When I reached the location Fiesta Casino on Friday evening I was super-excited. But I had to ask 3 times… Continua a leggere Panama Salsa Congress