12 photos from 2012


12 photos from this year, published in its last day.
In some cases I like the picture, in others they represent special moments.


01. Volendam


11 Feb 2012 – The frozen Ijsmeer, the part of sea that turned into a lake after the construction of a dam.
I think there were -7c that day.



02. Doei Doei Party


27 Apr 2012 – My doei doei aka good bye party with my colleagues. To my greatest surprise, they arranged funny presents!



03. Vondelpark


The scenery in one of the many morning walks, while listening some podcast about Internet marketing or self-motivation.



04. English Bay

vancouver english bay

17 May 2012 – Sunset over English Bay, Vancouver (Canada)



05. Conga Camp


22 May 2012 – The basement in the suburbs of Seattle (US) where I stayed for 4 days doing a private-full-immersion-intensive-extreme conga training with Johnny Conga. Living in the house of the guru – amazing experience!



06. Gum Wall


22 May 2012 – Detail of the Seattle Gum Wall. A country without history has to make up something interesting, right?



07. Cool Rider

IMG_6385 - 2012-06-25 at 18-29-21

25 Jun 2012 – Me being cool with closed eyes in one of the very few times I ride my motorbike in 2012.
I was with Veronica in Zandvoort, the kite on the background completes the idyllic painting.



08. Doesn’t Hurt


9 Aug 2012 – The infinite beach of Terschelling, one of the Dutch Frisian islands, during low tide: spoiled by me in double lotus pose.


09. A Productive Day


18 aug 2012 – Building an house in Jochberg, Germany. Surely a productivity highlight of 2012!



10. Como Lake


22 Aug 2012 – View from my aunts house in Nesso, Como Lake.
The big house in the other side of the lake is from George Clooney!


11. An Historic Moment


18 Oct 2012 – The best day of a friend life, at least before the wedding 😉
Being paranymph at Gianluca’s graduation and dressed up with an impeccable smocking.



12. Alive and Running



21 Oct 2012 – Unpaid version of the picture taken right after the end of the 8K race during the Amsterdam Marathon. 8K is not much compared to the 42.1K I run in the Rotterdam Marathon 5 years ago, but this was my left knee “I’m back” day.



Bonus Photo: a Good Question


13 Dec 2012 – Detail from the door in the Passion facade of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (Spain).
The gold sentence in Catalan means “and what is the truth?”.



Happy 2013, dear readers: never stop dreaming!



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