Interviewed by Clach

Clach and me in freezing Amazonas
Clach and me in freezing Amazonas

It didn’t came as a surprise that Cloudio contacted me when he decided to start interviewing the people that most inspired him.
In fact, it came as a honor.

The detail that most flattered me is that he titled this series of interviews he did “Traveller Profiles”.

But truth to be told, we both know that I deserved the interview because I’m the only one, beside his mother, commenting on his blog.

He started with:

Where could I have met Daniele Besana, besugo, besalsa if not in Cali, World capital of Salsa?

The rest is written in Italian but hey, what better excuse to learn a language? 🙂

Traveller profiles: Daniele Besana, besugo, besalsa


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