Guest post: How You Can Live Frugally and be Completely Happy

After my last blog post about frugality & quality of life, I got contacted by David Laurens to start a collaboration. David, an expert in the subject, writes regularly about financial health and the importance of a good credit score.

How You Can Live Frugally and be Completely Happy

If you find yourself numbed and worn down by the monotony of a repetitive and thankless job, then you should consider calling it quits to the rat race. If you’re willing to say no to an unproductive and unfulfilling occupation, then you will begin to find ways of earning income doing what you love. That being said, you will have to be frugal too—but frugality and total happiness go hand-in-hand more often than you might realize! There are seven habits of highly frugal people that are quite easy to adapt to.

Be proactive

Being proactive is taking responsibility for your own life. You will have nobody to credit or blame except yourself. Take control of the direction of your life and the people you interact with. Stay positive and avoid toxic individuals. Avoid being reactive to lower your stress level.


Set goals

Envision end results. Be confident that you can achieve your goals despite obstacles. The first step is a mental creation. The second step is the physical creation, which is also known as reality. Visualize exactly where you want to go and how you will get there. Make sure your goals are reasonable.



Determine which things are the most valuable and worthy to you. Put them first, and then organize and manage your time around your top priorities. Learn to say no to frivolous and negative things. Maintain a budget by taking control of spending. Come to terms with the fact that you cannot do it all.


Stop competing

Do not compare yourself to others. It is a waste of time to constantly compete with peers. Having a win-win mindset opens your eyes to mutual benefits from interactions with people. Learn to share with others and express your true feelings while considering how other people feel. Balancing confidence with empathy can actually assist you with achieving your objectives. You will be able to maintain your integrity.



Communication can help you to be frugal—remember that your family and your friends are affected in a very real way by the decisions that you make. To communicate effectively, you must understand and be understood. If one member of a couple is spending recklessly while the other is economizing, the result is wasted money and probably unwanted tension within the relationship. Listen to one another and agree on a plan.


Take care

Find ways to frugally renew yourself. It is important to stay well emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Make meaningful connections with friends and family. Exercise regularly and read as much as possible. Commune with nature and consider exploring your spiritual life.


You can be frugal and still enjoy life. It is not necessary to give up every single material good that you own and everything that makes you happy. Do things in moderation to save money. Set goals and prioritize. Live a simple life surrounded by frugal people with whom you can be honest and open. If you spend less than you earn, then you can save money and pay off debts. Living above your means causes stress and a lack of disposable income. Find free entertainment so that you can meet people and have an active social life. Your life will be less complicated, and you will spend time doing things that you feel passionately about.

David Laurens writes about financial health and the importance of a good credit score.

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