-6 days: so, what’s the plan?

The plan

This is a question everyone asked me. Should be easy to answer considering I’m leaving in 6 days, right?

Well, I didn’t plan my trip too much to keep it as much open and free as possible.
I really don’t want to go around with the idea of having to leave in X days to be in place Y to see the world-famous Z thing… I wanna slow down… take it easy… and see where life will take me 🙂

This trip has to do more with the people than with the places, that’s why I’ve been spending much more time reading about travelling than reading about places. (I’ll discuss about the reading preparation on another post)

Having say that… the map below is the “concept” of the itinerary I have in mind.
It can change, it can become shorter, longer, who knows now.
I may enjoy Panama’ and stay there 3 months swimming in the canal 🙂

The plan

Basically to summarize this chaotic map:

  • start from Panama’ City, visiting the country highlights (2 weeks)
  • entering Colombia via sailing boat, checking out Cartagena on the way to Tatiana’s Ninos en Contacto school in Barranquilla. Think about it hiking the Ciudad Perdida track (2 week)
  • move down to Medellin, Bogota’ and then dancing in hot Cali (2 weeks)
  • entering Ecuador down to Quito and Guayaquil (1 week)
  • cross to Peru’, visiting Iquitos, down to Lima and then to Cuzco and up to Machu Picchu via Inca trail (2 weeks)
  • heading to lago Titikaka and down to Bolivia reaching La Paz (1 week)
  • flying to Buenos Aires for the great final, with a visit to Montevideo (2 week)

This completes my 12 weeks available, giving focus on Colombia, Peru’ and Buenos Aires that are the places I’m more interested in at the moment.

Whatever happens I’ll have to remember myself that everything is OK, that this is how I wanted the experience and don’t blame me for now having saw more 🙂


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Di Daniele

Hi, I’m Daniele! A human being from planet earth. I founded WP-OK.it and I like dancing Salsa, running, and living a location independent lifestyle.

5 commenti

  1. Awesome plan!! Sounds like fun!! For the big finale, you could change salsa for TANGOOOO!! Gooooo Daniele!!!
    But do take your laptop so you can keep us updated!!

  2. Thanks Nice!!
    Here it is, the Argentinian!! hahaha
    Yes I can try Tango, but I’m sure to find some Salsa in Buenos Aires….. la Salsa nunca se acaba! 😀

    No no no no laptop. But Internet points 2/3 times a week, and a good notebook (to write with a pen) 🙂