My 32nd Birthday at La Barra, Colombia

This is a video from my 31st birthday:


Thanks to Veronica, Jennifer, Moranni, Tatiana, Linde and Renske I had a super-surprise b-day dance performed at Club Roses in Amsterdam.
I paid more than 200 EUR for pizza and drinks with my friends.

And those are the pictures from my 32nd birthday, celebrated in Barra, a 3rd World village on the Pacific coast of Colombia:

local bus
on our way to la Barra
welcome to La Barra!


it’s my birthday!

Frugal lifestyle
La Barra: an Eco-friendly village








the gift I received: a delicious cevice
La Barra
my b-day diner








This is where La Barra is located:

Ver mapa más grande


the group

I was there with few, new, friends and some unknown people from CouchSurfing.
I had no wish of celebrating in any other way that just enjoying another day of my walkabout… and anyway there are no cakes in La Barra 🙂

I paid instead a bottle of vice, an horrible local home-made liquor that cost me 12000 COP (about 6 USD, 5 EUR).

do you see the huge fin?



It felt very different but also very special. I wished “happy birthday” to myself and enjoyed the day, spent mainly doing whale-watching in the Pacific Ocean: we was some big big fins in the water there!!



Two very different kind of celebrations, I love the contrast!


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