Online Income Report – January 2014

If you’re curious to know why I’m sharing my online income reports, check here.

With a bit of delay, here is last month income report.

I’m currently in Chang Mai, Thailand, traveling and working for next two months… so here is a quick report on last month web-activities.


What’s going on

January was a very busy month on my offline part of business.

I got contracted for a two-days a week WordPress consultancy, so January Mondays and Tuesdays I have been busy with that.

It ended up being a very profitable job, and very enjoyable too as I could really measure myself as WordPress developer after more than one year since I started selling my WordPress experience.


Source of traffic comes and go

The biggest traffic source on my job board websites in Colombia,, de-listed my offers at beginning of January. This had a bad impact on the earnings coming from those websites.

I inquire and they said that they found a quality issue with my job offers. No detail was given, but I toughen up the moderation process to avoid spammy/unclear/too good to be through jobs to be published online.

I hope to get back listed, because this was a serious hit.

The Spanish website I bought end of December performed very well and it’s now up to speed in my portfolio.

I implemented some improvements and split tests and I obtained nice results. Nothing spectacular, but I’m happy so far with this investment!


New websites coming up soon…

I’m in the process to buy a bigger website, to step the game to a new level.

And this time I’m working with a partner! Something new, as I always operated my websites “solo”, so far.

This partnership is promising. I can’t disclose more about the deals we’re closing but I’m very excited about it!


Income Breakdown

Time for the numbers!

Adsense: €862.70 (last month €636.14)

+33.6% increase compared with previous month December!

A good performance, but still far from the 1.000 mark I was hoping to break.

The main reason is due to my Colombian websites being removed from as mentioned earlier.

Google Adsense registered a -13.4% from November, kind of normal considering the month with Christmas and New Years.

The reason why Adsense didn’t drop on the Xmas week is because exactly around that time I bought the new website I mentioned above.

Guy I hope to break the €1.000 mark in January!!


Feedblitz: €76.28 (last month €95.55)

My dear Feedblitz service, that I use to monetize RSS feeds and newsletters, lost lots of Ad visualization this month.

Month Ads Shown Clicks Earnings
December 1940948 744 $129.79
January 2906736 1380 $104.49

In last months, the CPM (Cost Per Mille, the price paid for 1000 impressions) of Feedblitz went down, kind of sad but it’s one of those things out of my control.


Premium Job posting: €65.70 (last month €514)

After the great month of December, January has been a very low month.

It’s normal because I get jobs on a non-regular basis, and they come in clusters.


Resume Access: €93.97 (last month €90)

This is another classic job board service: a subscription plan to access the resume database.

Three new subscriptions this month, and one cancelled.

Total subscription: 6.


Affiliate Programs: €1 (last month €145)

1€ from Amazon affiliate… what happened to the rest?

Well, I decided to test different affiliate programs, switching from the previous unreliable program (they took 2 months to pay my commissions!) to a few new products available on Clickbank.

774 hop counts, 12 order form impression counts, 1 order form server calls, abut 0 sales.

So the result of this test was a big round 0.


Direct Advertising: €1 (last month €175)

No direct advertising, except an order coming through BuySellAds.

I’m sure that I left money on the table as I fell behind my email workload.

I left some negotiation half-way and took too long to came back to the advertisers. Definitely a bad thing and I paid for it.


Total January 2013: €893.36 (last month €1,655.69)



Lessons Learned in January

The lesson of January is: fail, fail again, fail better.
Trying new things is part of the game. Sometimes the results are great, more often are not.
Another lesson is that if you fall behind emails you might leave money on the table. It happened when, too busy with the offline business and preparation to my trip to Thailand, I failed to respond on-time to some interesting emails for sponsored posts and opportunities.


I hope to hear some comments this month too, and thanks for reading!


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