Experiment #5: 3 months of vagabonding

I’m very proud to present this experiment, the greatest so far.

This time isn’t a “one month change of habits” kind of experiment as the previous ones.
This time are hundreds experiments inside a bigger one.

Something planned well ahead, waited, prepared, executed and still with consequences under investigation.

Here it is: from June to August 2011 I took a career break to vagabond around Latin America – basically Colombia….

I did what I never did before: prepared a little backpack, got a one-way ticket paid with airmiles, some ideas and the will to stay in hostel dorms and live on a budget.
Not because I lack money, but as a ultimate challenge of simplicity and minimalism I long have been working on.

I won’t tell stories from the trip here, because I started a new blog for that: Salsa WalkAbout
Salsa, because I really wanted to experience the music and the culture in the places where is rooted.
Walkabout, because this is how’s called the ritual that Australians aborigines do when they need a change.

I loved traveling. I loved living out of a backpack. I loved seeing new places. I loved living simple.
What I loved the most is meeting new people and new experiences.


What I learn?

There are so many lessons out of 3 months of vagabonding. Here a share few.


Things don’t have to be perfect

A perfect balcony without doors in Panama City

I was used to expect everything to be perfect.
I used to give high value to places where the streets are perfect. Public transportation is perfectly on-time. People look and act perfectly.

While all those are factors contributing to quality of life, they somehow make our living less genuine. We’re not perfect by nature.

I quickly realized after I arrived in Panama that things don’t need to be perfect.
A hole in the sidewalk? Just look where you put your feet. Waiting for the bus? Relax, it won’t leave until is full. There are no money to buy the Play Station? Kids will use something else to play with.

Nothing is perfect, but nothing has to be perfect to be genuine.



Lifestyle is a choice

barefoot lifestyle

I met quite some unconventional people on the road. Mostly freak, but also some great inspiring folks.

They made me realize that with my savings I can, for example:

  • buy a sport car
  • raise babies and provide them education
  • travel for (quite some) years around the World

The personal choice I make is is called lifestyle, and should provide happiness and fulfillment as I wish everyone personal lifestyle does.



People are more important than places

on top of Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

There are zillions stunning beautiful places to see in Latin America.
Travelers can spend days telling me that I should not miss this or I should not go back without seen that.
I don’t care, I’ve seen only few amazing places and really enjoyed them: the Amazonas, the Cuidad Perdida jungle, the San Blas islands in the Caribbean sea, the colonial cities of Cartagena and Mompox for example…
But the people I met are what I enjoyed the most.
I don’t care how good is a place, I prefer the good company.



I need experiences to grow

one of the many experiences

There are old wise people in villages that always know what’s right an what’s wrong and they never put one feet outside the village in their whole life.
I’ll never be like that.
I need experiences. I need to try and see if I like it or not, and what I can learn from it.



I’ll do it again

I truly felt that my 3 months have been a starter, an appetizer of a greater 5-courses menu’ around the World.

I don’t know when, where and how but I’ll do it again.



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